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Our Products


Personalised Wooden Signs

Large variety of fonts and styles to choose from for your own custom wood sign. Andrew makes bar signs, house signs, engraved name plaque, man cave signs, signs with sayings & pictures.


Wooden Boxes

Need a special wooden box for a loved one or a presentation box for that precious item you've had laying around? Andrew makes jewellery boxes, display cases, pen boxes, cufflinks boxes, watch boxes and more.


Custom Made Work

Custom made woodwork. Australian made using the finest sustainable timber and materials. Andrew has a passion for hand tools and traditional woodwork joinery to ensure your custom made treasure will last generations and be passed down through your family.

Workshop News - 2020

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Environmentally Friendly

It’s important to know where timber comes from and if there are ethical practices involved in harvesting and sourcing from sustainable forests. Here at Australian Workshop Creations, we only use sustainable or ethically salvaged wood and natural oil finishes that are made in Australia of course.

We believe in preserving our old grown forests and national parks for future generations and keeping Aussie jobs here in the land down under.

Wood is simply the most perfect renewable resource and I think we should be proud of what we have in Australia, especially Victoria with our timber industry supporting so many Aussie families and industries in all our states and territories!

My thoughts on logging in Victoria.

Although many argue about how much we should or should not be logging in this state I think it’s important to find a balance so we can hold on to these important fundamental industries, especially when they work well and are profitable. We need to manage the regrowth of the bush, locking them up and banning logging is a disaster waiting to happen.

Let’s not forget the timber industry also support many other businesses and industry down the line, not just the local area and communities directly involved.
To learn more about the sustainability of the local Victorian Ash I use (direct from the mill in Weir Road) please visit their website

  • Less than 0.05% of the forest area is harvested each year on an 80 year rotation.  (Yes, that decimal point is in the right place). It is then regenerated. Source.


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Projects & News 2020

  • WAITING LIST FOR CUSTOM SIGN ORDERS – Jan 2020 & Bushfire Updates.
    Current lead time is roughly 6 weeks from payment date to delivery. 
  • Fill out the form to be on the waiting list for Feb/March 2020.
  • If I don’t reply straight away it’s because I’m busy preparing my property for bushfires (I’m not on the pc answering questions as much.)
    Currently, there is no immediate threat to Heyfield but this may change over coming days as the wind picks up again.

URGENT ORDERS – I cannot promise exact delivery dates at this stage – GIFT CARDS are available!

Click here to visit the Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund if you would like to learn more about what they do or donate to the Gippsland bushfire recovery effort. Thank You for your support.


Workshop News
See My New Etsy Shop

I’ve been using a lot more Victorian Ash since moving back
to Heyfield & going along to the trade days at ASH each month.
(Australian Sustainable Hardwoods)

Here’s one of my Vic Ash signs hanging on a gate.
Deep black engraved lettering, natural decking oil finish.

Looking forward to making many more Chopping Boards
and other Vic Ash products in the near future so stay tuned and let’s see what
we can do with this beautiful locally grown hardwood.

I’m excited to be back in my old workshop!

With a backlog of custom made signs over the Christmas period I’m only just
catching up on things now, I’ve been busy moving and arranging timber stock,
renovating my house in Heyfield and preparing for the bushfire season which seems to have come early this year.

UPDATE :- The latest addition is a new Solid Jarrah Floor which I’m laying
down using offcuts from the mill.  Pics will be up when finished.
It only cost me $40 for a pallet of Jarrah!
It will look fantastic when it’s all done, especially with the Vic Ash bench tops.👌

Of all the timber I’ve purchased over the years these two bench tops are
going to be mine forever, I will be looking at them for the rest of my life
so it feels good to finally do a project for myself for a change.

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To see work in progress with an occasional tool restoration
and a sneak peek into hand tool techniques
visit my Woodworking Blog.

Thanks for your interest in my work.
Andrew Wilkerson