Soap Holders

Wooden Soap Holders Crafted from Sustainable Cedar

Re-using short pieces from my workshop that would otherwise go to waste.

  • Environmentally friendly woodcraft.
  • Great for keeping your bathroom and kitchen wet areas tidy.

This is the story behind how I made them and what you can do to look after them and keep them looking great.

The idea for these came about because I hate to see good wood going to waste and as I make a lot of wooden signs (1000’s since 2004) I end up with a lot of Cedar short pieces left over from the process. Cedar is a great timber for bathrooms and wet areas because it has natural oils that protect it from mould and rot. It’s what they use to line the walls of Saunas. It’s also quite expensive so I hate to just throw it away or burn it.

Longer length wooden soap holder being used in a bathroom to hold pump soap bottle, toothpaste and toothbrush holder
These longer soap holders are great for all kinds of uses in your bathroom as shown here – keep your pump soap bottles dry off the bench in wet areas.
close up of wooden soap holder drain holes
Drain Holes – No more soggy soap!
  • Features drain holes created by the alternating slots & natural Cedar properties.
    ⇒ its high natural resistance to decay
Photo of a wooden soap holder rack made from Cedar
Reclaimed Cedar Soap Holder
Australian Made soap on a Cedar soap holder rack
Australian made soap on holder – (just some cheap stuff for the pic)
Photo close up of wooden soap on holder. Soap not included.
Soap not included
Close up photo of a cedar soap holder water drainage holes slots.
Overlapping slots solve water drainage problems – Unlike other soap dish designs! Dimensions 100mm x 70mm x 19mm
environmentally friendly packaging, cedar shavings soap holder pack cardboard mailing box
A Soap Holder 4 pack
Environmentally friendly packaging. Cedar shavings – an alternative to bubble-wrap or Styrofoam.
Comes in a sturdy cardboard mailing box
Breathe the aroma of fresh cut Cedar when you open the pack! 🙂
Peace man! Enjoy.
  • Quality Western Red Cedar which naturally fights bacteria and is anti fungal!
  • Natural SUSTAINABLE product.

Will last for many years in damp conditions.

Check out what they look like here after 3 years use here on Facebook

Here’s what they look like in the shower after 3 years use. I had a Pine one and it went all black from mould. These stay fresh providing you scrub them every now and then in the bath or shower.

  • Australian Made – Gippsland Workshop in Heyfield Vic.
  • Size 10 cm x 7 cm x 1.9 cm Approx > (small variation in thickness from batch to batch)
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Soap Holder

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These beautiful eco-friendly wooden soap holders will look fantastic in your bathroom and keep your sink area tidy & germ free, they are crafted from Cedar which is naturally anti-bacterial & anti-fungal and lasts for many years in wet conditions. Absorbs moisture! (where bacteria breeds).
Sustainable new Cedar offcuts from my wooden sign workshop. Various lengths now available.

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