Soap Holders

Wooden Soap Holders / Soap Dishes

Back in stock now for a limited time!
These beautiful wooden soap holders are crafted from Cedar,
known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties (mold won’t grow on them).
A sustainable product from recycled scrap timber.

  • Environmentally friendly woodcraft!

They also add a touch of style
& class to any bathroom.

Handmade from reclaimed Cedar > Recycled off cuts from my wooden signs.
close up of wooden soap holder drain holes

Drain Holes – No more soggy soap!

  • Features drain holes created by the alternating slots and a natural tung oil finish.

These Cedar wood soap holders are ideal for organic soaps and goat milk soaps because other soap dish designs don’t drain water enough and usually leave your soap a soggy mess.

“I’ve been using these timber soap racks for years in my bathroom and they work well.”

Photo of a wooden soap holder rack made from Cedar

Reclaimed Cedar Soap Holder

Australian Made soap on a Cedar soap holder rack

Australian made soap on holder – (just some cheap stuff for the pic)

Photo close up of wooden soap on holder. Soap not included.

Soap not included

Close up photo of a cedar soap holder water drainage holes slots.

Overlapping slots solve water drainage problems – Unlike other soap dish designs! Dimensions 100mm x 70mm x 19mm

  • Cedar looks great in both modern or country style bathrooms!

Mum uses them for pump soap bottles in her new bathroom and loves them.

$12.50 each Now Only $10.50 < a bargain for what they are!
Stock up now while I’ve got them

Ideal for Bed & Breakfasts and guest rooms.
Treat your airbnb guests to a touch of class!
Or spoil yourself in your laundry or outdoor sink.
Every 1 sold helps me use up my scrap timber and reduce waste.
Supports the environment, the small town community & my young family.
> My kids help me sand, pack and post them!

$10.50 <- Bargain Price!

  • Quality Western Red Cedar which naturally fights bacteria and is anti fungal!
  • Natural Tung Oil blend finish – Organoil
  • Will last for many years in damp conditions.
  • Australian Made – Gippsland Workshop in Heyfield Vic.
  • Size 10 cm x 7 cm x 1.9 cm Approx > (small variation in thickness from batch to batch)
  • Free Postage Aus wide (for a limited time)
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Wooden Soap Holders

Qty 1 ($10.50 each)

Feel free to Contact me with any questions or to order quantities greater than 10.

Natural variations in Cedar colour from batch to batch.
I cannot guarantee a light or dark coloured piece, it’s just how they are.

  • Some tannins may leach out of the darker Cedar timber over time when it’s wet, this is harmless, tea coloured water and can easily be wiped away with a tissue, preferably before it dries.
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