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Welcome to my new wooden box shop where you can buy exclusive one-off designs and unique woodwork gifts. Items are not mass produced or available for sale anywhere else but this website.mobile shopping cart iconFREE POSTAGE > for a limited time, these unique boxes only.
Please Contact Me if you are after quantities more than one. Most are one off designs but I can make more if needed. > Check first for availability if after more than one box. 

Hope you like these new tiny ones, cute little boxes if I do say so myself! 😊

I put a lot of love and care into these and there is only a limited supply of the recycled fence post timber.

Petite boxes from beautiful old Australian timber. New life for very old grey timber that has been in the ground for over 50 years. I still love cutting the post for the first time to reveal the unique redgum grain beneath as I dream up ways I can put it to best use.  Timber needs to be respected and treasured, not left to rot away as an old fence post. 

Finished by hand with vintage Australian planes and hand tools

  • Sustainable reclaimed or salvaged timber
  • Beautifully finished with natural oils and waxes or Shellac (if Vegan please ask)
  • Great for last minute gift ideas! – Mother’s Day, Birthday’s, Father’s Day
  • Posting Australia Wide
  • International orders always welcome (please contact me for postage costs)

Boxes may be removed from the wooden box shop once sold so don’t miss out!

 Small Red Gum Box

Photo close up of a small red gum broach box

Tiny Box from a Recycled Red Gum Post

Close up photo of a small wooded box red gum with Beach timber hinge pin

Hinge pin made from solid Beach timber. Secure Tapered Pin fit and glue.

Photo of a small wooden box with lid open

Red Gum Box Small $150 Including Postage
Dimensions 50 x 50 x 40mm height external.

Cyclone Yasi Timber Box


Recycled Red Gum Box with Zebra wood — From trees found in waterways after Cyclone Yasi (poor trees 😢)

Reclaimed Redgum box, lid open

Can be supplied with felt or leather lining in the bottom surface — ask when ordering.

Yasi Box $360 Including Postage. SOLD OUT SORRY (More coming in 2018!)
Dimensions 260x160x80mm external.

CYCLONE YASI BOX – Flat Lid (pictured above)
Your chance to own a rare piece of Australian history…
The latest redgum box has a little bit of a story behind it so here are the details for those interested.

  • Top lid is Zebra wood from coastal areas of QLD (or it could be olive wood not sure of species) Trees rescued from waterways after council cleanup from cyclone Yasi which devastated the area on 3rd February 2011.
  • Redgum is a recycled fence post from a driveway in Clayton Victoria.
  • Interior lid is Cedar (offcuts from my signs) base interior is Tasmanian Oak (or Victorian Ash)
  • Handcrafted entirely from wood including tapered wooden peg joinery and hinge pins, They are known as Japanese nails, very strong due to their tapered design and made from solid Beach.
  • Finished with a natural oil and wax blend. (smells fantastic!)
  • Polished with Traditional wax (can be reapplied over the life of the box if needed) Recommended brand is Ubeaut Australian Made. http://www.ubeaut.com.au/trad.html
  • Limited supply of timber for these but I have enough to make one or two more!

More Boxes Coming Soon

Thanks for viewing my wooden box shop, please check back often as I update the range or follow me on social media for plenty of new things to come! 😊
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