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Sign styles I make

These are the 3 main styles of signs I make, although I have made many different sign shapes over the years these are the most popular edge styles.

Enjoy browsing the different sign edge styles below.

Rustic Edge Signs

The most popular style sign ordered is the rustic edge.
I shape and carve the edges freehand for a more natural appeal.

cedar sign at front door - windy gums with tree swept over

Windy Gums – Rustic Edge, Cedar, Outdoor sign at front door area with windswept tree pic.

Routed Edge Signs

The routed edge-style signs are made with my router & a profile-forming bit.
The profile of my router bit is called a round step edge.

Straight Edge Signs

The straight edge style is a simple beveled edge (chamfer) and is available in a range of shapes & sizes as shown below.

Bevel (PSF)

I make this edge style with a vintage Australian Made hand plane.
I can also make classic sign shapes or use vintage stains as shown in the Mancave sign below.

This is a classic sign shape made from Pine, stained with Walnut or English Mahogany, and comes with an easy-to-hang hemp rope fitted to the top edge of the sign through holes as shown.

man cave sign personalised wooden sign with walnut stain
These personalised man cave signs make an ideal gift for your man, available in Mahogany or Walnut stain as shown.
Andrew's Man Cave sign example personalised my cave my rules pine classic sign shape with mahogany stain and hemp rope for hanging.
Andrew’s Man Cave sign personalised wooden sign classic shape with mahogany stain and hemp rope for easy hanging.
man cave signs options walnut or mahogany stain
Choose from Walnut or Mahogany stain

More Straight Edge Sign Examples


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