Chopping Board Large


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Large hardwood chopping board hand made from locally grown Victorian Ash (stair tread offcuts)
Finished with natural organic plant based oils (food grade edible finish)


Chopping Boards, Cutting Boards, Cheese Boards or Bread Boards!

chopping boards on grass with bread cheese cabana and cutting knife

chopping boards crafted from Australian grown locally processed sustainable timber

Whatever you wanna call them here they are. These chopping boards make a great addition to any kitchen, picnic set or camping.
Once you have some laying around making your kitchen look beautiful, you’ll realise just how handy they are.

Use them for hot pots or saucepans to protect your bench.

I use mine to butter my toast on.
It keeps it warm unlike a cold plate which usually makes my toast go cold before I can even eat it.

Made from locally grown hardwood, reclaimed off cuts
from the ASH mill in Heyfield (just across from my workshop)

timber mill off cuts victorian ash

Timber mill off cuts from ASH – (Australian Sustainable Hardwoods) stacked in a pile and ready for crafting into chopping boards in my workshop on Weir Road in Heyfield (next to the mill)

So it doesn’t get much more local than that > this product is very low kms.
They only make quality products at the mill so these are select grade locally grown Victorian Ash timber and extra thick to ensure a long life in your kitchen.
They are pretty rough when I get them – I clean them up with hand planes,
fill any defects or gum lines, sand to a fine finish,
then hand rubbed with high grade organic natural food based plant oils.

  • A natural, organic, environmentally-friendly food grade plant based counter top oil on natural timber.

Basically you can eat them if you are hungry enough!
And don’t worry, I won’t sell you the ones in the picture with meat and bread on them, you will get a fresh new one! 🙂

  • Don’t buy cheap imported bamboo boards!
    They may look great and appear to be solid timber but here are some facts.
    Many mass produced bamboo boards are full of toxic bonding agents and resins.
  • Don’t support Indonesian timber products if you care for the environment & the future of Orangutans and our planet.
    Please read my blog article about timber sustainability to learn more!

Shop local & support Aussie jobs!
Make an ethical choice when buying any timber products.
Help reduce your carbon footprint by using what is basically a waste product that has been transformed into a useful household item.

Large one is crafted from 45mm thick timber
Size 360 x 285mm (available now)

Smaller one is crafted from 35mm thick timber
Size 285 x 250mm (available to purchase as a separate product)

FREE POSTAGE FOR A LIMITED TIME! (Australian residence only)
I hope you enjoy using your board with friends and family for many years to come.

Instructions on board care & re-oiling will be up here soon.
In the mean time just call me.
Andrew Wilkerson – 0421305358

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Large $85, Small $65