Display Boxes Custom made to order

Wooden Display Boxes

Order a wooden display box with a glass lid – designed to show off your precious collections!

I’ve made a variety of wooden display boxes with glass tops. This one is for bottles of essential oils.

  • A sneak peek into the workshop goings ons!

Essential Oils Storage/Display

front view image of a wooden display box for essential oils tasmanian blackwood glass lid custom made
These wooden display boxes have a glass lid with dividers for storing and viewing your collection. Dovetail joinery and beautiful Australian Hardwoods.

These boxes have all been different in their own way.

corner view image of my wooden display boxes tasmanian blackwood glass lid custom made
Essential Oils Boxes – Custom made to order through my website

Features a glass lid to see your oils on display.  

open lid image of a wooden display boxes tasmanian blackwood glass lid custom made
Custom-made to order with Tasmanian Oak dividers

I took these pictures while applying the final coat of Traditional Wax Polish which is the wax I recommend to my customers to maintain the Danish Oil or Shellac finish on my wooden boxes.

Homeopathy Oils Box

I’ve also made large boxes to hold the taller bottles with the rubber eyedropper lids. These are commonly used in homeopathy and for storing medicines or witch’s potions! See my woodwork gallery for more photos.


Close up of Wooden oils storage box handle

Handle on top to carry your collection of oils –  Mitre key corner joinery

Australian Made – Built to last.

Close up photo of a wooden box with dividers for storing oils bottles
Slotted Dividers made from Tasmanian Oak / Victorian Ash

If you would like to order wooden display boxes for your collection of essential oils bottles please note that there are usually a few different-sized bottles. – Not just the capacity (mls).. they can also vary in lid designs.  When ordering, please take accurate measurements and let me know how many bottles you would like to store.

Order one today from my custom-made wooden box page.

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