Chopping Board Oil

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Best oil to care for your chopping boards and keep them safe and looking great.  Ideal for bamboo chopping boards or end-grain butcher blocks as well. Prevents cracking/splitting. Mould-resistance.

Chopping Board Oil in an easy to use 100ml bottle orange
Chopping board Oil, food-safe with sweet orange essential oil. Easy to use 100ml bottle.

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This Gilly’s Chopping Board oil is the best oil I’ve found for ongoing maintenance of my chopping boards.

It’s important to rejuvenate and protect your chopping boards with a food-safe Chopping Board Oil to keep them looking beautiful in your kitchen.

  • These oils have a delightful fragrance and have the added benefit of mould resistance. Prevents cracking/splitting.
  • Available in three varieties, Orange, Lemon and for an extra-rich feed, Citrus and Beeswax.


Put this bottle in your kitchen today. You’ll be surprised how long a 100ml bottle of oil lasts.
A little oil on a small piece of cotton or bamboo cloth goes a long way!

Use For

  • Nourishing timber and bamboo chopping boards.
  • Helps maintain the existing wood colour without becoming too yellow/orange.
  • Ideal for end-grain chopping boards, butcher block cutting boards and wooden kitchen utensils too.

    polishing cloth made from bamboo fibre
    Polishing cloth for wooden products – 2 pack measuring 26cm x 26cm

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Just visit my Blog for Cutting Board Care Instructions.

Where I teach you about the most used oils and the best way to care for all your wooden kitchen utensils and homewares. (more videos coming soon)


Orange oil is an all-natural product made from cold-pressing orange peels. This means it doesn’t contain unnatural chemicals like mineral oils which are made from petroleum.
Orange essential oil is extracted from the rind of the sweet orange (Citrus Sinensis) by using cold pressing.

BENEFITS of orange oil as a chopping board oil

  • It can be effective at preventing the growth of some types of bacteria and fungi
  • It is a natural product, which means it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals
  • Helps to polish wood finishes and brings back their original lustre
  • Forms a protective layer on top of the wood
  • Helps to prevent dust build-up
  • Provides a natural, fresh, clean aroma
  • It helps to cut through grease and grime buildup

For more info on orange oil here’s a link to an interesting article about its usage in restoring and protecting wood.

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Chopping Board Oil in an easy to use 100ml bottle orange
Chopping Board Oil
Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $18.00.