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It’s important to know where timber comes from and if there are ethical practices involved in harvesting and sourcing from sustainable forests. Here at Australian Workshop Creations, we only use sustainable or ethically salvaged wood and natural oil finishes that are made in Australia of course.

We believe in preserving our old grown forests and national parks for future generations and keeping Aussie jobs here in the land down under.

Wood is simply the most perfect renewable resource and I think we should be proud of what we have in Australia, especially Victoria with our timber industry supporting so many Aussie families and industries in all our states and territories!

My thoughts on logging in Victoria.

Although many argue about how much we should or should not be logging in this state I think it’s important to find a balance so we can hold on to these important fundamental industries, especially when they work well and are profitable. We need to manage the regrowth of the bush, locking them up and banning logging is a disaster waiting to happen.

Let’s not forget the timber industry also support many other businesses and industry down the line, not just the local area and communities directly involved.
To learn more about the sustainability of the local Victorian Ash I use (direct from the mill in Weir Road) please visit their website

  • Less than 0.05% of the forest area is harvested each year on an 80 year rotation.  (Yes, that decimal point is in the right place). It is then regenerated. Source.

We’ve lost so many industries and companies recently in Australia, most fail for reasons beyond their control, overseas competition, pollution laws, poor management, climate change, being unable to embrace tech solutions etc.

These industries and skills once gone are gone forever, it’s very hard to bring them back, and one day we may all just need them, the future is more uncertain than ever!

We shouldn’t be so reliant on imports and new materials for what we need, these materials and skills we have already in our own backyards!  If the processing ability, factories, machines and skills are lost they will be gone when we need them the most and there’s no quick easy way to get them back.

I don’t have the answers nor do I really know too much about it all but we should be able to work it out and find a balance that actually works for everyone.  Look at our strengths, look at what has got us this far as a nation, to be proud of its achievements and learn to adapt our own innovative sustainable solutions in a worldwide competitive market instead of being influenced by global opinion and sometimes over the top ‘green’ social media propaganda!

Selective harvesting of native hardwoods actually helps forests, it lets in more light producing larger diameter trees more suitable for our native animal habitats.
Some argue that flora and fauna, and our native forests suffer as a result of logging.

It’s all about balance through sustainable management.  We all benefit from this.
Victorians have been managing the Aussie bush for centuries, it’s a sustainable resource and I think we should leave it to the experts to quietly get on with it and manage it efficiently for the benefit of the majority, instead of listening to the voices of those who maybe don’t have their facts right!  The timber regrowth needs to be managed, it’s not the old-growth forests that once covered most of Victoria, they are dangerous. We can’t just lock them up and expect mother nature to work itself out. Take away the industry and you take away the money for management.

I think if we jump too quick with these green decisions before really understanding what the solution is we might all end up worse off and no real gain.

I refuse to use Merbau Timber!
I’ve written a blog article if you wish to learn why.

– Andrew Wilkerson

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