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I’ve been using a lot more Victorian Ash since moving back
to Heyfield.
And going to the retail outlet at ASH sawmill each month.
(Australian Sustainable Hardwoods)

Here’s one of my Vic Ash signs hanging on a gate.
Deep engraved lettering, natural decking oil finish.

Posted by Siobhan Pelc on Saturday, July 28, 2018

Looking forward to making many more Chopping Boards
and other Vic Ash products in the near future so stay tuned and let’s see what
we can do with this beautiful locally grown hardwood.

I’m excited to be back in my old workshop!

With a backlog of custom made signs over the Christmas period I’m only just
catching up on things now, I’ve been busy moving and arranging timber stock,
renovating my house in Heyfield and preparing some nice new Alpine Oak
(Victorian Ash) kitchen bench tops & kitchen floor.

UPDATE :- The latest addition is a new Solid Jarrah Floor which I’m laying
down using offcuts from the mill.  Pics will be up when finished.
It only cost me $40 for a pallet of Jarrah!
It will look fantastic when it’s all done, especially with the Vic Ash bench tops.👌

Of all the timber I’ve purchased over the years these two bench tops are
going to be mine forever, I will be looking at them for the rest of my life
so it feels good to finally do a project for myself for a change.

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Photo of Andrew Wilkerson Woodworker

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