Case / Box Work In Progress

Custom Made Case Notary Public Stamp Seal Press

Night time workshop goings ons!

Here’s some work in progress photos – in between making signs I have started a new box/case build. This will be used for a Notary Public to keep his stamp seal press and other items he will be carrying to meetings. The box will be posted to Brisbane when complete. The timber is from the cleanup after Cyclone Yasi – some rare rain-forest species.

shavings on the workbench

I’ve been working at nights and have made some progress so here are some ‘work in progress’ photos of the build so far and some close-ups of my messy but reliable workbench!

close up of wood shavings on the workbench
On the workbench at night
Planing Queensland Maple in the vise
Starting the box. Preparing the QLD Maple – getting it flat!
resawn boards QLD maple
Re-sawn boards

The tricky part is trying to choose the best pieces and sides – they all look pretty nice!

Next step, measuring and marking the sides and ends, yes that is a Chris Vesper square, one of my finest tools! Love it!
Cutting the tails first, although sometimes I cut the pins first depending on my mood, I like to shake it up a bit and try new things, not always the best decision when you’re half way through the four corner joints but I will explain more later.
Always mark the waste! no matter how long you’ve been doing them. Trust me on this!
Cutting the pins – from the tails, a perfect marriage of the two is what we are aiming for
Chop Chop
Check fit assembly
Next step will be the lid and fitting into the sides in preparation for cutting away the top section then glueup (after the lock mortise)
Pretty happy with the fit, the dark lines are pencil lines yet to be removed (just in case you thought they were ugly gaps)
Can’t wait to get this lid flat, the glue join will almost disappear when done, this grain is really going to pop when finished


Box Features

  • Rescued timber from the cleanup after Cyclone Yasi
  • Rare Queensland Maple highly figured
  • Body of the case is Black-bean? (I think) – also from Cyclone Yasi.
  • Hand cut dovetail joinery

(shown in future blog posts)

  • Gibson Guitar Case Handle
  • Hand stitched leather
  • Brass Mounts
  • Solid Brass Hinges (leaf hinge)
  • Solid Brass Lock (Mortise Fit)

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