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Beard combs finely crafted in Australia from sustainable renewable timber then sealed with organic certified coconut oil.

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Wooden Beard Combs – Victorian Ash

Designed and made in Australia from reclaimed sustainable timber off-cuts and mill ends.

Wooden Beard Combs Handcrafted in Australia Stylish and Sustainable available from

Simulation of beard comb design
Beard comb design concept, simulation. Finely crafted and sanded smooth by hand. Made in small batch runs only.

In my search for a suitable comb for my own beard, I had trouble finding one that I liked so decided to design and make my own.
Now after many hours of research and use I think I have developed the perfect comb for beards.

Made from locally grown Victorian Ash sealed with certified organic coconut oil.  Environmentally friendly, sustainable, all natural.

The basic shape is machined on my CNC spindle router then each tooth is handcrafted and sanded smooth with meticulous attention to detail – this comb is a little more refined than other wooden combs on the market so if you’re looking for the best of the best then look no further.
I designed it to have an Art Deco kinda style with my marsh frog logo of course!

hand crafted wooden beard comb closeup image on white background
Wooden beard comb meticulously crafted from Victorian Ash

Smooth refined timber combs are comfortable in the hand, a pleasure to use each day.
Made from a naturally sustainable resource, supports local manufacturing and shows that you care for your beard and the planet earth.

Victorian Ash offcuts are sourced locally from the mill in Heyfield Victoria.
I source it directly myself from ASH first Saturday of every month on their trade days.

Another product with very low K’s.

They are also FREE to post Australia Wide for a limited time at this introductory price.
Hope you enjoy!

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