Wooden Name Signs

Close up of wooden name sign for dog kennel

Wooden Name Signs

I’m often asked if I make wooden name signs. Of course the answer is yes I do!

In fact it has now become my main line of work. 

Close up of wooden name signs for dog kennel
Wooden name sign for a dog kennel – My early days of sign making

Just about every sign I make is a name sign of some sort.
Here’s some more examples.

  • House Name Signs
  • Beach House Signs
  • Holiday House Signs
  • Personalized Signs
  • Cabin/Shack Signs
  • AirBnB Signs
  • Shed Signs
  • Mancave Signs

I used to make these signs by doing all the lettering by hand with a router to carve out the areas needed following guide lines on the stencil and a pantograph.

gif showing how a pantograph works in motion as used in sign making or engraving
A Pantograph in motion

This involved printing out a large banner sized paper stencil to trace from and gluing it down to the timber. The lettering is then painted after being carved into the timber with the hand held router. The result of carving the lettering this way is a flat bottom cut to a controlled depth.

These days my signs look more like this,

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