Custom Made Case Notary Public Stamp Seal Press Pt 2

Night time workshop goings ons!

  • Fitting the base
  • Fitting the Lid
  • Shaping the Raised Panel

Some more work in progress photos of the Stamp/Seal box. In this post I will show the steps involved in fitting the base and lid into the slots as well as fitting the solid brass plaque into the top.

Squaring up the end of the slot with a chisel

Extending the slot length into the dovetails and squaring up the end without breaking through! Just a nudge with the palm is enough, this QLD Maple works well with sharp hand tools.

It’s little things like this that take the extra time — I like to sneak up on the fit rather than create a slot that’s slightly too wide or too deep, there’s nothing worse than getting half way through the glue up only to find something is slightly out of line or the base bottoms out in the slot and throws the whole thing out of square.

It can be very hard to correct once you have glue on the tight fitting dovetails, so preparation is key.

Custom Made Case Notary Public Stamp Seal Press

Night time workshop goings ons!

Here’s some work in progress photos – in between making signs I have started a new box/case build. This will be used for a Notary Public to keep his stamp seal press and other items he will be carrying to meetings. The box will be posted to Brisbane when complete. The timber is from the cleanup after Cyclone Yasi – some rare rain-forest species.

shavings on the workbench

I’ve been working at nights and have made some progress so here are some ‘work in progress’ photos of the build so far and some close-ups of my messy but reliable workbench! (more…)


The Hidden Damage Caused By Merbau Decks In Australia

Orangutan family

Orangutan families are losing their homes and populations are dying off

“Merbau is not only considered an endangered species, at the prevailing rate of indiscriminate usage it will be extinct in next 35 years.”


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Why not use Merbau?

Merbau seems to be a very popular choice here in Australia – DIYer’s walk into their local Bunnings looking to build a deck and don’t know better!
The sales staff will probably point you in the direction of the Merbau racks without a second thought.
So what can we do?  – Education is the key to this change, we must make change happen through the choices we make.
Get the FACTS right before making a decision based on price and colour alone!

Don’t trust corrupt governments or corporations when they tell you it’s sustainable and being managed. – IT’S NOT!

  • I think it’s important to get the word out about Merbau timber as many people are not aware of the destruction caused by (more…)

Wooden Name Signs

I’m often asked if I make wooden name signs. Of course the answer is yes I do!

In fact it has now become my main line of work. 

Close up of wooden name signs for dog kennel

Wooden name sign for dog kennel – My early days of sign making

  • House Name Signs
  • Beach House Signs
  • Holiday House Signs
  • Personalized Signs
  • Cabin/Shack Signs
  • Shed Signs
  • Mancave Signs

I used to make these signs with a router to carve out the lettering, this involved printing out a stencil to trace from. The lettering is then painted after being carved into the timber with the hand held router. The result of carving the lettering this way is a flat bottom cut to a controlled depth.

These days my signs look more like this, (more…)

Wooden Display Boxes

Order a wooden display box with glass lid – designed to show off your precious collections!

I’ve made a variety of wooden display boxes with glass top. This one is for bottles of essential oils.

A sneak peak into the workshop goings ons!

Essential Oils Storage/Display

front view image of a wooden display box for essential oils tasmanian blackwood glass lid custom made

These wooden display boxes have a glass lid with dividers for storing and viewing your collection. Dovetail joinery and beautiful Australian Hardwoods.

These boxes have all been different in their own way. (more…)

Our Products


Rustic Timber Signs

Large variety of fonts and styles to choose from for your own custom wood sign. Andrew makes bar signs, house signs, engraved name plaque, man cave signs, signs with sayings & pictures.


Wooden Boxes

Need a special wooden box for a loved one or a presentation box for that precious item you've had laying around? Andrew makes jewellery boxes, display cases, pen boxes, cufflinks boxes, watch boxes and more.


Custom Made Work

Custom made woodwork. Australian made using the finest sustainable timber and materials. Andrew has a passion for hand tools and traditional woodwork joinery to ensure your custom made treasure will last generations and be passed down through your family.

Workshop News - 2017

environmentally-friendly-AustralianWorkshopCreations -- wooden boxes

Environmentally Friendly

It’s important to know where timber comes from and if there are ethical practices involved in harvesting and sourcing from sustainable forests. Here at Australian Workshop Creations, we only use sustainable or ethically salvaged wood and natural oil finishes that are made in Australia of course. We believe in preserving our old grown forests for future generations and keeping Aussie jobs here in the land down under.

projects-and-new-website-AustralianWorkshopCreations -- custom made work

Projects & New website

Welcome to my finally updated website! In between getting it all up and running again I’m working on some custom made wooden boxes, a jewellery box, urn, chest of drawers and some rustic signs. I will be adding more pictures and website updates.

Please bookmark this page or follow me on Instagram and Facebook for the latest photos of my woodwork. You can see work in progress with an occasional sneak peak of tool restoration and techniques.
Thanks for your interest in my work.
Andrew Wilkerson

image of a small shed - workshop news

News 2017

ORDERS Update – May-June 2017

It’s been a busy month so far in the workshop, a few little boxes and plenty of sign orders. I often provide signage for Bed & Breakfasts so if you need a sign for your new business venture look no further.
Airbnb signs anyone?? 😉 Also sent an interesting sign for an Orchard in the Otway Ranges and an old railway sign replica from a photo of a vintage railway station in QLD… View Instagram for pics!

If you would like to order a sign please read as much detail as you can on the wooden signs page.
There is an order form that needs to be filled in for ALL custom sign orders.

  • Please read my Wooden Signs Page for details. This is the most efficient way to process inquiries, I am usually booked up with orders for 3 weeks. If you need it sooner I may not be able to help sorry.

Visit my New Wooden Sign Shop page with mobile friendly PayPal shopping cart, have a browse and pick up a last minute gift or grab something you love for yourself.

  • New Signs available to Buy Now!

Bespoke BOXES
I will be making more boxes again soon, ashes boxes/urns, men’s valet boxes for storing watches, cuff-links, sunglasses etc. Visit the Wooden Box Shop or view the Gallery for examples of previous work, there is a growing waiting list sorry.
Watch this page for updates and availability, visit my WORKSHOP BLOG or follow me on social media.

  • New tiny wooden ring boxes made from recycled redgum timber posts!
  • TIMBER – for my boxes and custom made items
    I have almost run out of Queensland Walnut and won’t be getting anymore just yet sorry.
    I still have some rare rain forest species rescued from the council cleanup after cyclone Yasi.
    Tasmanian Blackwood is in stock as this is the most popular choice for most of my work.

Thank you for all your kind comments and reviews. Have fun!

Andrew Wilkerson