Chopping Board Custom Size


Custom made Australian chopping board hand made from locally grown Tasmanian Oak
Finished with natural organic plant-based oils.

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Chopping Board custom size, Cutting Boards, Cheese Boards or Bread Boards!

This is a product listing for a CUSTOM MADE Chopping Board slightly thicker than the ones I normally make.

Custom Made Tasmanian Oak Chopping Board sitting on the grass in the sun
Custom size to order Tasmanian Oak Chopping Board extra thick timber

(Please contact me first before purchase to double check sizes I have available from the mill.)

These chopping boards make a great addition to any kitchen, picnic set or camping.
Once you have some laying around making your kitchen look beautiful, you’ll realise just how handy they are on your benchtops..

I use mine to butter my toast & crumpets on.
It keeps it warm unlike a cold plate which usually makes my toast go cold before I can even eat it.

Made from locally grown hardwood, this one pictured is Tasmanian Oak / Victorian Ash
Sustainable timber from the ASH mill in Heyfield (just across from my workshop)

Timber mill offcuts from ASH – (Australian Sustainable Hardwoods) stacked in a pile, ready for crafting into chopping boards in my workshop.

If you’re looking for a quality Australian made chopping board from locally grown and processed timber well here they are. These chopping boards make a great addition to any kitchen, picnic set or camping. And they are a fantastic gift idea, just let me know the shipping address at checkout and I can send directly to the gift recipient.

Why do I use Tasmanian Oak?

Firstly because it’s a beautiful hardwood that looks great in any kitchen plus it really does make sense long term for this country to support local jobs, buy local, shop local & use locally grown timber.
Sustainable Managed Timber.  Not cheap imports from devastated forests offshore!
No laws or regulations are enforced properly over there and it’s getting out of hand.

Don’t look at the price tag alone when purchasing any timber product!
Think of the planet you live on and the people who work here in Aus.

Once you have some of these beautiful cutting boards laying around in your kitchen, you’ll realise just how handy they are.

Use them for hot pots or saucepans to protect your bench.

They’re great for making kids lunches on as well, being higher off the bench .

Sandwich making is so much easier with the right kitchen setup.

Individually crafted from locally grown NEW hardwood,
SHORT TIMBER from the ASH mill in Heyfield
(just across from my workshop)
So it doesn’t get much more local than that. This product is very low Km’s!

The mill in Heyfield supply select grade locally grown Victorian Ash timber, there’s no doubt you would have seen this timber all over Australia or even have it in your home already..
For example.
Bunnings Kaboodle Benchtops Australia Wide
come from here in Heyfield Vic 3858.

Jarrah & American Oak boards will be available in my shop from time to time.
Join my VIP customer list to be the first to know.

These boards are extra thick to ensure a long life in your kitchen.

Although they are pretty rough when I get them, I clean them up with hand planes, fill any defects or gum lines, sand to a fine clean finish then hand rubbed with high grade organic natural food-based plant oils.

a can of livos countertop oil environmentally friendly plant oil finish
This is the best oil I’ve found in all the years of using natural oil finishes. It’s a unique blend of organic food grade sustainable environmentally friendly plant oils. And as an added bonus it really works! 🙂
Livos Australia - Kunos oil finishes
Livos Australia – In Bayswater Victoria
  • A natural, organic, environmentally-friendly food-grade plant-based Countertop Oil on natural timber. Posted out in a cardboard box (I stopped using bubble-wrap for these)

This is CERTIFIED FOOD SAFE, for the certificate click here

They are so natural that basically, you can eat them if you are hungry enough! 🙂
And don’t worry, I won’t sell you the ones in the picture with meat and bread on them, you will get a fresh new one!

  • Don’t buy cheap imported bamboo boards full of toxic bonding agents.
  • Shop local & support Aussie jobs, make an ethical choice when buying any timber products.
  • Help reduce your carbon footprint by using timber offcuts that have been transformed into a useful household item.

DIMENSIONS – May vary slightly from batch to batch
Size of this custom made chopping board will be what we agree on in emails depending on what I have available from the mill at the time.

This one pictured was one of the thicker ones I do
410mm x 280mm x 68mm (41cm x 28cm x 6.8cm)

To purchase one already made a certain size please view my other listings in my shop.

Flat rate postage Australia wide

Enjoy them with your family and feel good that you’ve made a wise choice for the planet!

If you need a certain size let me know and I will check what I have in stock.

Return & Refund Policy

Boards are packed well in a cardboard box, they are also quite heavy so this is a very good postage rate. (If you would rather not pay me to wrap & post it then come pick one up from Heyfield  unwrapped)

I hope you enjoy using your board with friends and family for many years to come.

For Instructions on care & re-oiling please visit my blog post here.
Or just call me anytime.
Andrew Wilkerson – 0421305358

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Additional information

Board Size

DIMENSIONS – May vary slightly from batch to batch
This larger ones are crafted from up to 68mm thick timber
Size is usually around 410mm x 290mm (41cm x 29cm) or other sizes agreed upon in emails.


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Custom Made Tasmanian Oak Chopping Board sitting on the grass in the sun
Chopping Board Custom Size