Food Safe Wax

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Best food safe wax for putting new life into old wooden furniture, kids toys, chopping boards and kitchen items. Ideal for bamboo chopping boards as well. Prevents cracking/splitting. This food safe wax makes surfaces easier to keep clean and dust free. Easy to apply and will even make your antique furniture look great again.

food safe wax in a 100ml tin
The best food safe wax for restoring old wooden items

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Food Safe Wax is a soft, creamy beeswax-based polish designed to nourish timber for food preparation areas. It is also excellent on furniture, in particular, children’s furniture or toys.

It’s important to rejuvenate and protect your chopping boards and utensils with a food-safe Chopping Board Oil first to keep them looking beautiful and safe from germs.  Then you can seal it, buff it up and maintain with this food-safe wax.  It’s in cream form so it’s much easier to apply than other harder beeswax.  Once dry you simply buff off with the Bamboo Polishing Cloths.


  • This wax has a delightful fragrance and keeps surfaces dust free and easy to clean. It’s in cream form so it’s so easy to apply!
  • The oil is usually applied first, available in three varieties, Orange, Lemon and for an extra-rich feed, Citrus and Beeswax.


Put this tin in your kitchen today. You’ll be surprised how long a 100ml tin of wax lasts.
A little wax on a small piece of cotton or bamboo cloth goes a long way!

Use For

  • Nourishing timber and bamboo chopping boards and wooden furniture, kids toys etc.
  • Helps maintain the existing wood colour without becoming too yellow/orange from sunlight.
  • Ideal for end-grain chopping boards, butcher block cutting boards and wooden kitchen utensils too.

    polishing cloth made from bamboo fibre
    Polishing cloth for wooden products – 2 pack measuring 26cm x 26cm

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Surface Preparation
Ensure the  surface is clean and free of dust before applying.

How to Apply

  1. Apply sparingly with a clean, dry cloth in a circular motion.
  2. Wipe away any excess with another clean, dry cloth.

Dry Time
20 minutes provided excess is wiped away.

Depending on wear, as surface becomes dull or dry.

Clean Up
Warm, soapy water for hands or cloth. Excess wax on timber; dampen a cloth with citrus solvent.

For more info on oils and waxes please visit my blog for Cutting Board Care Instructions.
Where I teach you about the common oils used for chopping boards and the best way to care for all your wooden kitchen utensils and homewares. (more videos coming soon)


Pure natural Beeswax and Citrus Oils (plant oils)
This means it doesn’t contain unnatural chemicals like mineral oils which are made from petroleum.

BENEFITS of protecting wood with oil and wax.

  • It can be effective at preventing the growth of some types of bacteria and fungi
  • It is a natural product, which means it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals
  • Helps to polish wood finishes and brings back their original lustre
  • Forms a protective layer on top of the wood
  • Helps to prevent dust build-up (easier to keep clean)

When to Use Wax

All the oils and waxes sold here in my shop can be used to polish and protect wood, they are all natural and non-toxic plant based options unlike mineral oil which is a petroleum product.
Wax polish is not recommended on really rough wooden surfaces or furniture as it may clump in the cracks and scratches and show up when dry as a whitish colour.
For rough wood I would recommend Orange Oil instead which won’t do this.

Use on Antique Furniture

I’ve had good reports of this wax working great on antique furniture, especially after applying oil, it can help nourish and preserve the wood, bringing out its natural beauty.
I recommend you test a small area first to ensure the oil achieves the results desired on your specific type of wood, then buff with the wax afterwards to seal in the oil in and provide a light sheen to the surface.

Information on cheaper natural oils for oiling your chopping board can be viewed on this page (although they don’t work as well as these oils I use myself).


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food safe wax in a 100ml tin
Food Safe Wax
Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $19.50.