Tealight Candle Holder 3 glass


Tealight candle holder Australian with glass inserts.  Sustainable locally grown timber including Victorian Ash and Tasmanian Blackwood. Ideal for use as table centre pieces.

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Tealight Candle Holders (3 glass)
Australian Made
Victorian Ash / Tasmanian Oak
Product Dimensions 175 x 65 x 32mm

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Create an atmosphere in your home or use as a ♥ memorial candle for loved ones. These tea-light candle holders are made with Safety in mind and feature glass inserts to prevent any of the wood around the candle becoming too hot and igniting which can happen quite easily with some, especially with a supply of hot wax close by which will soak into the wood like a wick and create a very dangerous situation.

I’ve looked at many other designs out there and hardly any other woodworkers bother with the glass inserts. This is very dangerous so close to the timber.
♥ This candle holder can be personalised – engraved with a name or message of your choice. ($30 for engraving, contact me once purchased)

Now you can enjoy the beauty of flame reflecting off timber with peace of mind that the item has been designed properly from locally grown sustainable Australian timber.

Buying this product helps support Australian jobs and local industry. The timber is off-cuts, mill ends and excess stock from my own supply. This item has done very low k’s before becoming a beautiful & useful household item.
Ideal to use as a table centre piece or at the end of your relaxing bath, right next to one of my soap holders of course 🙂


  • Handmade with a hand rubbed Natural oil & wax finish.
  • Comes with 3 Tealight Candles & safety instructions as pictured.
  • Quality tested glass inserts to hold your favourite tea-light candles.
  • Felt feet to protect your bench-tops and glides easily into position to prevent spills.

Victorian Ash is very similar & sometimes marketed as Tasmanian Oak.
I think it’s a beautiful hardwood that suits modern & traditional interiors.
It deserves more recognition. We should be proud of all our Australian timbers, from every state.

A darker Tasmanian Blackwood version of these will be available again soon.

PLEASE NOTE :- The first tealight candle holders I made back in 2004 were sold in galleries throughout Australia and usually marked up 100% from the price I made them for..
Now is your chance to buy direct from the maker and save $$$

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Dimensions 17.5 × 6.5 × 3.2 cm


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Tealight Candle Holder 3 glass